Work with your network to create agileprojectbusiness objectives.
Share what you are working on with others. Whether you are a student, entreprenuer, or working professional, PeerPlans makes it easy to create plans and start working with people in your network.
PeerPlans Business Plan
Andrzej Ciepiela
Our goal at PeerPlans is to connect passionate individuals working on exciting projects.
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Andrzej Ciepiela, Founder & Buiness Developer
Anthony Skrzypczak, Co-Founder & Software Architect
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Value Proposition
PeerPlans is a project-sharing social networking service with a platform where users post and interact on projects to ensure the entire team is focused on working towards the right objectives.
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We are excited to start gaining some traction with our beta release, as we hope to create more than 100 accounts from those on our waiting list.
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Business Model
PeerPlans offers a free subscription plan for all users, we profit from our other subscription plans where we offer additional features for professionals, businesses and larger enterprise level organizations.
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We are focused on working with entrepreneurs to turn their projects into businesses. The US alone had more than 800,000 new businesses in 2020.
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